We Depend On Your Support

Unlike traditional radio stations that run commercials, we depend on you . By supporting Kool 95, you ensure every listener has  a commercial-free choice! All money is used solely for Music, server costs, and website hosting etc.. Money is “NEVER” used for personal profit. This is our hobby, and passion =-) Thank you for your support!



We choose Quality

We are a no MP3 & Mp2 zone! Terrestrial stations today, overwhelmingly,  use compressed audio (AAC+, Mp2 and Mp3) as their source material. We use only PCM wave files, which are %100 uncompressed. Our FLAC , also uncompressed, streams offer you a pure bit perfect audio stream. It is identical to the original !


Listen On-The-Go!


* Use on wi-fi only! (High Data Consumption!)
Step 1
 Download XIAA

Download  Here (iPhone)

   Download  Here (Android)

Step 2
Add (+) URL under Favorites on app


FLAC Stream Link





48k Mobile Stream






Only AAC+ Mobile App

Kool 95 Classic Hits Radio is now on the RADIOMAX app.

Download app and select choose your primary station

then search for Kool 95.1

Click logo

Click Set as Primary Station

Now you are done




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We Pay Royalties:

We stream legally through our license via SOCAN under tariff 22f