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Unlike traditional radio stations that run commercials, we depend on you . By supporting Kool 95, you ensure every listener has  a commercial-free choice! All money is used solely for Music, server costs, and website hosting etc.. Money is “NEVER” used for personal profit. This is our hobby, and passion =-) Thank you for your support!


We choose Quality

We are a no MP3 & Mp2 zone! Terrestrial stations today, overwhelmingly,  use compressed audio (AAC+, Mp2 and Mp3) as their source material. We use only PCM wave files, which are %100 uncompressed. Our FLAC , also uncompressed, streams offer you a pure bit perfect audio stream. It is identical to the original !





   Lossless PCM  
 Premium Flac / Lossless Wave Quality!
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  Lossless PCM


Flac / Lossless Wave Quality
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We recommend VLC to play Flac Stream on a PC
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